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June 29 2017

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[Drawing of lettuce saying “Lettuce do our best and achieve all our goals!” in an orange speech bubble.]

June 28 2017

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[Drawing of a blue rabbit saying “I believe in all your hopes and dreams.” in a blue speech bubble.]

June 27 2017

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[Drawing of a pink ice cream with blue and purple sprinkles on it in a brown cone next to a caption that says “I love you more than sprinkles.” in black text except for the word ‘sprinkles’ which is in blue and purple.]

June 26 2017

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[Drawing of a purple cup of tea next to a caption that says “Have a cup of tea because you’re talented, extraordinary, and amazing (and because tea is awesome.)”]

June 25 2017

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[Drawing of a blue and green bee with green wings saying “You can do all the chores you have to do. You got this!” in a green speech bubble.]

June 24 2017

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[Drawing of a green bear saying “I am becoming the artist I want to be. My art gets better every day.” in a blue speech bubble.]

June 23 2017

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[Drawing of a purple ghost saying “Congrats on finishing your painting. You worked hard on it for a long time, and it shows. It looks amazing. You did a fantastic job.” in a green speech bubble on a blue background.]

June 22 2017

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[Drawing of a blue cat saying “Your photography is enchanting.” in blue text on a black speech bubble.]

June 21 2017

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[Image description: drawing of a green and blue chicken saying “You’re awesome and it’s awesome that you exist.” in light blue text on a dark green speech bubble.]

First reminder: You’re awesome and you can accomplish many awesome things.

Second reminder: I have a patreon where you can get a bunch of extra awesome content (digital coloring pages, longer comics, blog posts, doodles made in traditional media, personal sketches, etc.) I update the patreon often (almost daily, often several times in one day) and if you pledge, you’ll instantly have access to all the existing content.

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[Drawing of a brown fish with blue fins saying “Time to write and be awesome and be awesome at writing!” in a blue speech bubble.]

June 20 2017

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[Drawing of a white cloud saying “Yes, you are talented. Yes, you’ve done awesome things before. Yes, you can do this too.” in a white speech bubble on a pink and purple background.]

June 19 2017

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[Drawing of a green plant in a yellow pot saying “Your love of nature is super cool!” in a pink speech bubble.]

June 18 2017

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[Drawing of a white bird saying “Let’s make our ideas happen.” in a yellow speech bubble on a black background.]

June 17 2017

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[Drawing of a purple and yellow whale, a blue and orange whale, and a green and pink whale above a caption that says “Whale, whale, whale, it looks like someone (you) is being totally awesome.”]

June 16 2017

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[Drawing of a green and yellow jellyfish saying “You give the best compliments and you deserve to receive compliments too because you’re absolutely fantastic.” in a yellow and green speech bubble.]

June 15 2017

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[Drawing of a pink and green dog saying “It’s okay if you aren’t great at something on your first try. Improvement often takes time and effort, and you’re capable of putting in that time and effort. You can do this.” in a green speech bubble.]

June 14 2017

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[Drawing of a blue sloth saying “I still have time to make a lot of art before the year is over, and I’m going to do it. I got this.” in an orange speech bubble.]

June 13 2017

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[Drawing of a brown cat saying “There is so much that you can do. You are full of great qualities and incredible potential.” in a blue speech bubble on a purple background.]

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[Drawing of a green hippo saying “I grew up to be myself and that’s pretty great.” in a blue speech bubble.]

June 12 2017

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[Image description: There’s a sentence that says “The sky believes in you.” Under it, there’s a drawing of a sun above a sentence that says “The sun believes in you.”,  a drawing of three clouds above a sentence that says “The clouds believe in you”, a drawing of three stars above a caption that says “The stars believe in you.” and a drawing of a cat above a caption that says “This cat believes in you. I have no idea how he ended up in the sky, but he’s there and he believes in you.” The entire thing is drawn on blue construction paper.]

This is the first post in a new series I’ll be doing on my patreon.

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