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July 17 2017

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[Drawing of an orange cat sitting on a blue book and saying “Let’s order pizza and talk about books.” in a light blue speech bubble.]

July 16 2017

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[Drawing of a light blue bird with a dark blue wing saying “I love you more than awesome song lyrics.” in a yellow speech bubble.]

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[Image description: drawing of a white ghost wearing a pink bow and saying “It’s okay to want more.” in a pink speech bubble on a blue background.]

Reminder: I have a patreon full of bonus positive content.
Here’s what’s new on it this week:

for 1$/month: 3 blog posts + 3 doodles.
for 2$/month: all the above + 5 doodles.
for 5$/month: all the above + 2 mini coloring pages, 2 comics, 1 doodle made in watercolors, 1 doodle made in pen, 1 doodle made in colored pencil on construction paper, and 2 personal “digital sketchbook” doodles.

July 15 2017

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[Drawing of a small white bear saying “Thank you for always inspiring, encouraging, and uplifting me.” in white text on a purple speech bubble on a green background.]

July 14 2017

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[Drawing of a green plant in a blue pot saying “You spend so much time taking care of people, of pets, of plants, of everything. It’s good that you’re such a caring and helpful person, but remember to take care of yourself too. And remember that you’re allowed to need help too.” in a light blue speech bubble.

July 13 2017

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[Drawing of a gray and white sheep saying “Your talent, dedication, and hard work make you great at what you do.” in a blue speech bubble.]

July 12 2017

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[Drawing of a blue owl saying “I have my entire future ahead of me. I still have lots of time. It’s going to be okay.” in light blue text on a blue speech bubble.]

July 11 2017

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[Drawing of a yellow and black bee with yellow wings saying “Things can be better than beefore.” in yellow text on a black speech bubble.]

July 10 2017

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[Drawing of a pink and purple dragon saying “I hope you get all the awesome things you want in life because you deserve them. You deserve the best.” in a pink speech bubble.]

July 09 2017

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[Drawing of a red cat wearing glasses and saying “I like your glasses and I like the way they look on you.” in an orange speech bubble.]

July 08 2017

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[Drawing of a green dog saying “There are still good things in the world and you are still worthy of having good things.” in a yellow speech bubble.]

Reminder that I have a patreon full of bonus positive content.

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[Drawing of a yellow unicorn with an orange horn and a pink mane and tail saying “Thank you for giving me the right advice at the right time. It was exactly what I needed.” in an orange speech bubble.]

July 07 2017

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[Drawing of a brown poodle saying “It’s okay to slow down. You can still get where you want to go.” in a blue speech bubble.]

July 06 2017

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[Drawing of a yellow and green hedgehog saying “Successfully achieving small goals is still successfully achieving goals. It’s still awesome.” in a brown speech bubble.]

July 05 2017

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[Drawing of a gray salmon saying “You’ve come so far, you’re doing so well, and I’m so proud of you.” in a gray speech bubble.]

July 04 2017

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[Drawing of an orange fox saying “I’ll find a solution. I’ll find a way. I got this.” in a yellow speech bubble.]

July 03 2017

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[Drawing of a purple cat saying “It’s going to be awesome when all my dreams come true.” in a blue speech bubble on a gray background.]

July 02 2017

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[Image Description: Drawing of a purple rabbit saying “Art makes me happy and so do you. You’re wonderful and you bring magic into my days.” in a pink speech bubble on a red background.]

Reminder: I have a patreon where I post a bunch of extra positive content (blog posts, extra doodles, doodles made in watercolors and colored pencils, longer comics, digital coloring pages, and personal drawings.) every week.

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[Drawing of a pink unicorn with a blue mane, tail, and horn saying “I’m thinking of you.” in a light blue speech bubble on a purple background.]

July 01 2017

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[Drawing of a yellow turtle in a blue shell saying “Have a magical July!” in a blue speech bubble.]

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