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May 20 2018

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bird and a cat who are friends requested by Blorg3 on patreon

[Drawing of a blue bird next to an orange cat next to a handwritten caption that says “I know I’m biased, but I think we’re the best friends in the entire universe.”]

I got back into Welcome to Night Vale after forgetting about it for a while, and it’s still as beautiful and weird as it was, and I’m so excited to live in a world where weird beautiful things exist and where people intentionally make weird beautiful things! It’s so good!

May 19 2018

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cat with a flower at the end of its tail requested by Blorg3 on patreon

[Drawing of a white cat shaded in green with a pink flower with a green stem at the end of its tail next to a caption that says “I’m proud of you for being brave. You did it. You are amazing.” in handwritten text.]

I deleted the last post, but I’ll just leave it at the fact that I might be stopping this blog at the end of the year, and I’ll revisit this decision in December.  If I do end this blog in December, I’ll keep it up so you can still look at it. I’ll also make sure to post links to my other projects *and* to other people who are making positive drawings.

Thank you if you read this and thank you for being here.

May 18 2018

Thank you all so much for your kindness and generosity via my collection of cat doodles with surreal messages. I wasn’t sure whether it would connect with anyone since it’s so different from my usual stuff. 

And now, thanks to you, I’m 107$ closer to being able to start my next project. I still have a lot of stuff to do and figure out before I start, but I’m excited to be moving toward it. I’ve had the project idea in my head for a while, and I think that when I do it, it will be the best thing I’ve ever made. 

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[Digital banner featuring drawings of an owl, a rabbit, two dogs, and a bat.]

I rebooted my patreon as a place to take drawing suggestions.

For 1$/month, you can suggest animals (real or fictional), plants, food items, or objects and I will draw them on my blog Positive Doodles.

For 3$/month, you can suggest all the above + combinations of 2 or 3 characters (ex: a dog and a tree), actions (ex: a cat drawing), and colors you’d like to see in the drawings (ex: a pink cat and a blue bear holding hands.) and I will draw them on my blog Positive Doodles.

There are no limits to how many suggestions you can make, but I might change this in the future if it turns out to be too much.

Any donation you make will
a) help me update my two positivity blogs Positive Doodles (this blog) and Jellyfish Simulacrum as often as possible. 
and b) help me start a third project later this year.

Ps. Whether or not you pledge, thank you so much for being here and looking at my art. I love making these doodles and I’m grateful that so many of you like them. Thank you for everything.

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Facebook / Twitter / Ko-fi / Buy the book

[Drawing of a blue unicorn with a gray mane and tail and a light gray horn saying “Not to be too unicorny, but you’re an amazing person and I’m happy you exist.” in a light gray speech bubble.]

May 17 2018

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I have a collection of digital cat doodles next to strange surreal encouragements for sale on gumroad. Click anywhere on this sentence for a link. It contains 10 drawings including this one. You can get it for 1$ (or any higher amount of your choice.) 

All profits will go toward helping me buy supplies for my next art project. I’ve been wanting to start a big traditional art project for a while now, but I currently can’t afford the materials I need to make it, so any purchase or reblog would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

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[Drawing of a brown and white ferret saying “I was surprised when you said “I wish I could do more to help.” because you’ve already done so much. You’ve already helped so much. Never doubt that you’ve done enough for me. You’ve done everything. Thank you.” in a purple speech bubble.]

May 16 2018

I entered this year hesitantly. I knew what I wanted to accomplish and I knew that I would do my best, but I wasn’t sure if I could do it. Years of throwing myself at my dreams only to have illness get in the way over and over again have worn at my confidence. But this year is so good!

And the funny thing is… I’m behind on all my goals. Nothing is going according to schedule. I can’t think about the amount in my bank account without getting a stabbing sensation in my chest. But I’m trying so hard and I know that I have it in me to keep trying no matter how hard it is. I’m getting better at knowing when I should push and when I should take a break and take care of myself. I’m getting better.

I’ve done so much this year and none of it has been as easy as I wanted it to be, but I’m still in this. I can still catch up. I can still do everything I want this year. This can still be my year. And this time, I don’t just *hope* it will be. I know it can be. And this can still be your year too. There is still time. You got this.

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“white rabbit in red cape and beige rabbit in pink jumper” requested by William on patreon

[Drawing of a white rabbit in a red cape and a beige rabbit in a pink jumper above a caption that says “Embrace the little victories, but don’t stop believing in big victories. You can have all kinds and all sizes of victories.”]

May 15 2018

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[Drawing of a green narwhal with a yellow horn saying “Practice. Practice a lot. Don’t give up. You will learn. You will grow. You will make progress. You will get where you want to be. Just keep practicing.” in an orange speech bubble.]

May 14 2018

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Facebook / Twitter / Ko-fi / Buy the book

[Drawing of a yellow rabbit saying “This will not break me. This will not ruin me. This will not defeat me. I will get through this. I will keep going. I will keep growing. I will be okay.” in a blue speech bubble.]

May 13 2018

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[Drawing of a purple cat in a green scarf saying “It’s okay to want big adventures even if you aren’t sure exactly what you want those adventures to be. You’ll figure it out. You’re going to have amazing experiences and an even more amazing life.” in an orange speech bubble.]

May 12 2018

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[Drawing of a pink and blue panda saying “You won’t mess this up. Even if you do make mistakes, you’ll bounce back. You got this. You’re doing great and you’re going to keep improving as you go along. Seriously, you got this.” in a purple speech bubble.]

May 11 2018

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German Spitz requested by KathTea on patreon.

[Drawing of a brown German Spitz saying “It’s okay if you don’t always know where your choices are taking you. You’ll figure out everything you need to figure out. You’ll end up somewhere amazing. You’ll do great.” in a blue speech bubble.]

May 10 2018

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[Drawing of a green owl saying “Just because your heartbreak wasn’t caused by a romantic relationship doesn’t mean it isn’t real. You’re going through something big and it’s okay that it feels big. Be kind to yourself. Give yourself time. It’s going to be okay.” in a blue speech bubble.]

May 09 2018

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[Drawing of a blue cat saying “Your best is good. Your best is brave. Your best is resilient. Your best is amazing. Your best is enough.” in a purple speech bubble.]

May 08 2018

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[Drawing of a yellow unicorn with a blue hair and tail and a purple horn saying “Your thirties are going to be extraordinary!” in a pink speech bubble.]

May 07 2018

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[Drawing of a blue narwhal saying “There are many amazing and wonderful things about you. You’re incredible!” in a pink speech bubble.]

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